Book Review :: Once Upon a Time in the West Country


The other week Robert offered to buy me a new book because he's awesome like that. So come the weekend we duly headed into town and I had to make the very difficult decision as to which precise book I wanted, which is pretty tough for an incredibly indecisive individual such as myself. I managed to get it down to a short list and Robert helped me out by choosing this book, and then I decided I might as well buy a second book as they had the whole buy one get one half price thing. I started reading it that Saturday afternoon and promptly finished it on the Sunday. I couldn't put it down it was just that much fun to read. WestCountry03I have really gotten into non-fiction books over the last year or so and often I find myself drawn to that section of the book store more than fiction. Once Upon a Time in the West Country was one of the top choices as it not only appealed to my current non-fiction tastes but also my love of the West Country. Growing up we used to go on holiday to Dartmoor every year to visit family and friends and it became a complete second home, so much so that when the cottage we used to stay in went on sale the owners asked their regulars if anyone was interested and we were sorely tempted, but alas it wasn't to be.

The Blurb: Tony Hawks (not the skateboarder version) one day with his partner decide that they are going to move to Devon. We follow their journey through anecdotes and little stories of the locals and the antics that Tony gets up to whilst transitioning into a man of the countryside and his journey to becoming a father. There's even a nice account of Tony cycling coast to coast with a micro pig called Titch, in December.

My opinion: This book was great. At first I wasn't too sure and thought that maybe I'd made a dud choice as it seemed like it wanted to be a funny book but I clearly wasn't getting it. But then there came a very funny story about a wasp sting and from then on I was in fairly frequent fits of giggles. It was a really heart-warming book that made me want to give it all up and move to the wilds of the Dartmoor countryside. It's not a particularly eventful book, but each chapter weaves together a gentle story that in a way reflects the Devonshire pace of life. The last chapter was maybe a little soppy for my taste, but is also really sweet and a nice way to conclude. So if you like a really nice book that makes you laugh and feel happy about life then I would definitely recommend this book. I'm already planning on lending it to my parents as I'm pretty sure it's right up their street (heads up mum!).

Have you read any good books recently? Let me know any recommendations you have!


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