Netflix: Spring Binge


It's been a while since my last Netflix round-up post. I thought instead of focusing on documentaries like last time I would just include everything that we (mainly me) have been binge watching recently. Of course now the weather is getting nicer and the days are longer and brighter the idea of sitting in front of the TV is maybe not such an appealing one. BUT there are always days when it's raining like crazy, you're feeling a bit lethargic and lazy and the call of Netflix and the sofa is just too strong, so this is for those Spring days. Cooked

Ok, ok, I'm late on the bandwagon for this one, but it's just so so good. It's so disappointing that there are only four episodes to it. I was a little worried that watching it would just make me too hungry and crave too many things, but actually it was just so informative and it took you all over the globe and it was more about the processes and evolution of food rather than 'hey look lots of yummy food you can't eat'.

Master of None

Aziz Ansari is awesome and so is his series. The episodes are quite short and each have a theme such as 'family' or 'mornings' and they tackle some interesting topics such as race and sexism. Also the people that play Aziz Ansari's parents are his actual parents which is really cute and their relationship is quite funny. I am also a little bit in love with the apartment that his character lives in!

Jane The Virgin

This has been my current binge-watch and I kinda love it. It knows it's cheesy and all that and it plays on the whole telenovella thing which is fun. I would recommend this one for those days where work has been long and your brain is pretty fuzzy and you just want something fun and cheerful to keep you occupied.

Peaky Blinders

If you haven't watched it yet, where have you been? If you have then now is probably a good time for a quick re-watch before season 3 starts! The soundtrack is also really brilliant and the acting is really really great. But if you're a little squeamish or don't like razors then you might need to look away at a few points.

Human Planet

I remember watching this the first time it was on TV and we've recently started watching it again. It's a really interesting look at the relationship between man and nature. It explores how people around the world live and work in extreme conditions and how humans have adapted to these lives. It's narrated by John Hurt which is probably the next best thing to Attenborough as you can get.


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