Two Years

Yesterday marked my two year blog anniversary, as well as obviously being Star Wars day. It also happened to coincide with our Thursday night date night, so I ended up marking my blog birthday by going to Byron for burgers (tasty tasty) and Curzon to see Guardians of the Galaxy. It's quite strange, it doesn't feel like it's been two years. In many ways it feels as if this blog of mine has been around for much longer, but at the same time almost as if it's been no time at all. 

I had been thinking for years about starting a blog but it was only in May 2015 that I actually sat down and did something about it. It's a little ridiculous that it took me so long to get around to it, as I would have had so much more time available to blog when I was a student. There were a number of reasons why I wanted to start blogging. I wanted to note down all the fun little things that I always forget about and I wanted to try to improve my writing and photography. At the time I was also in a bit of a funk with my job and needed a creative outlet.

It's been a funny two years with this blog of mine. There are times when I think I've really got into the swing and groove of things, and then the pendulum swings and I don't quite feel so on top of it all. I have gone through a few periods of disinterest and have tried to really work out what it is that I want to use this space for. I have no idea how many people read here as I'm a bit rubbish with analytics and I'm still getting to grips with Squarespace, I'm also rubbish at marketing this space and SEO but I'm so happy with what this blog has become. There are still lots of things I want to keep working on, getting better at SEO and analytics for a start and getting better at photography too, but it would be pretty boring if there weren't things I didn't want to improve.

I also wanted to say that I am incredibly grateful to all of you who do pop by this place, it really means so much to me and I appreciate all the friendships, comments and connections I have made because of this blog. I've met some really lovely people, and hope to meet more blogging friends in the future. I definitely think the best bit of blogging has been connecting with like-minded people and finding out about all the amazing things that others get up to. 

I can't wait to see what else and where else this space will go in the future and I'm excited for all the possibilities! 




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