Snapshots From Home


The other week I made the decision to finally invest in a DSLR. I'd been trying to work out which to choose, and saved up my money for a while before finally deciding on the Canon 100D after a recommendation from a friend and thorough research. I'm not the type of person to spend money lightly and I often save up for a purchase whether I have the money already or not, that way when I buy it I don't feel like my savings are depleting rapidly. I also like waiting and thinking about a purchase for a while, and that way if I've waited too long and something sells out I know it wasn't 'meant to be'. I know it probably sounds silly, but I find it really helpful and if I'm still thinking about that pair of shoes or whatever a few weeks or so later then I know I actually want it rather than it being an off the cuff decision which I might later regret, or never wear. Home08 Home09 Home12I've been trying to get to grips with manual mode and I think I'm slowly getting there. For the most part I've been practising by taking photos of things around the house whilst trying to work out ISO, aperture etc. So I thought I would share the few photos that I have taken so far. We've had some really lovely light through the windows on some of our sunnier days and evenings which makes the house feel so peaceful and still. We're hoping to get our living room painted before the end of the year as it's starting to look a little tired, plus it's such a dark room that a fresh coat of paint will hopefully help to brighten it up! There's also plans to make some new curtains for the room and dye our sofa throw a different colour. I've also been having a look for a nice rug to go on the floor in front of our sofa to help cosy and brighten the place up.

Home10 Home14 Home13 Home11We've been living in this house for almost 3 years, I think, so it's about time that we started making a few changes here and there (it also helps that we know the landlords well and they are very amenable folk!). I really love this house as it has so many happy memories connected with it. It's the house I share with Robert, the house that helped me recover from heartbreak and the house that is there for me when I come home at the end of a long day. We've experimented with growing vegetables in the garden, we've moved the furniture around countless times and now we're without house-mates it's time to start making it really 'ours' and our home. I might occasionally get frustrated with the lack of light in some rooms or how awkward the layout is, but it's my home and I love it and it's where we're both learning together.


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