Weekend Uniform


I am most definitely a creature of habit and happy to be so. It doesn't really bother me if I eat the same sorts of things on the same day or have the same dinner two or three nights in a row. Sure, I like variety and to experience new things, but I am just as happy in a routine. I work quite a few weekends so often my working week routine is very different week to week and sometimes has me craving the typical 9-5 Monday to Friday gig.  Sunday02 Having a weekend "uniform" gave me the comfort of a routine that I didn't always get through my work week. It meant I didn't have to think about what to wear as sometimes even on a weekend this can be a pain.

Last year I found the softest comfiest looking jumper in Mini Mi in Rochester, but it wasn't until January that I actually purchased it. Since then most lazy weekends have seen me living in it, that is until the warmer weather came around! Up until the point of purchase I had been borrowing a jumper of Robert's as my go-to weekend chills jumper of choice. Of course I still do borrow that jumper of Robert's when mine is in the wash, but my Hello Apparel jumper fits the bill completely. It doesn't hug too tightly, but it's not too loose that you lose all shape together. It's the perfect level of warm that you don't need extra layers and can pop out to the shops without worrying about a coat. It mean it's just right for these early spring mornings when it's sunny but there's still a bit of a chill in the air. Jeans are my general go to on most days but the comfiest ones are saved especially for the weekend. There's just something about jeans, y'know?

Last weekend Robert and I headed out to Canterbury for breakfast at Refectory Kitchen because those pancakes are super yummy and we hadn't had them in way too long. After having a nice lazy breakfast (one of my favourite things as you know from this post) we headed to The Goods Shed to pick up some bits and pieces for lunch, which is where we picked up the Italian bread pictured above. It was so tasty!

My jumper and jeans combo is my usual weekend uniform perfect to do battle with any pesky housework or for dancing in the kitchen baking bread, carb me up bro!


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