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Things have been a bit quiet in our household recently. We've both been pretty busy with work and when I have had time off I've been too lazy or tired to do much at all so there isn't a lot for a life update. Although having said that I've probably been more active then I even realise haha. We've really upped our fitness over the last two months and I've been doing some sort of workout at least 5 times a week which I'm really pleased about and pretty amazed that I've actually been able to keep it going! BlueNebula04PinkNebula02Robert's in write up stage of his PhD whilst also trying to get on with a full time job so we don't get much time together at the moment. So that just means I've had plenty of time to get inspiration from Apartment Therapy and Pinterest for interiors ideas and also to get busy with my creative side projects! I've spent quite a few evenings in front of How I Met Your Mother (my current Netflix watch) whilst making up some embroidery hoops. I also started an Etsy shop, which was one of my goals for the year, and have finally listed the projects I've been working on. You can find my shop here, let me know what you think!

Spring05The weather has been absolutely amazing the last few days so I finally got out in the garden this weekend and re-planted our strawberry plants so fingers crossed they enjoy their new home and give us lots of strawbs! This is especially important as my current breakfast love is bran flakes with strawberries, so much yum. I did also end up making quite a few loaves of bread the other week as I initially thought my yeast was dead as my first batch of dough was taking forever to rise, but after a trip to the supermarket for new yeast and making up a second batch it actually seemed ok. Consequently we ended up eating quite a bit of bread that week and I've now bought a container to make my own sourdough starter as that's my new bread challenge and I've got an awesome looking recipe for banana and muesli sourdough which I want to try...perfect for weekend breakfasts!

Bread01Spring01Anyway, here are some links from around the internet for your Tuesday afternoon: Empire rounded up the best documentaries on Netflix, some I've watched and some I haven't but are going on the list! I've been loving all of the woven wall hangings that have become popular in recent years and I have been tempted to get one at some point, until I did a quick google and found this tutorial from Honestly WTF, so I might give that a try instead! I've also had this apple and oats smoothie on my 'to make' list for a while and we currently have both of those ingredients in the house so...


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