Happy List :: Twelve


Another week gone and I'm amazed that we're as far into the year as May. I swear only last month was February... right?! I've only had a four day week this week, yay for Friday actually being a Friday for once! Robert and I have actually been doing things and being social the last few weeks so life has got a little bit more fun and interesting, mostly involving food as usual. Although I'm totally cool with having many chilled weeks it's nice to actually get out and about! London06London01

  1. I had Monday off so made ragu which we then took over to Ed's with our friend Richard. We ate so much ragu and pasta (and popcorn) whilst watching Game of Thrones, yay for social gatherings! Next time it's Richard's turn to cook..
  2. On Sunday Robert and I got up early and took the train in to London to have breakfast at Dishoom. Oh my it was so SO so good. I had the bacon naan and Robert had the big Bombay and we shared the granola which was oh so sweet and delicious. That naan though was amazing, the combination of crispy bacon and the sweet tomato chutney wrapped in the tastiest naan was everything. Robert and I are both totally sold on their chai too and I've promised him I'll try making some soon.
  3. We also met up with my sister on Sunday and had a nosy around Spitalfields market, where I bought a few more rings, resisted buying another scarf and ate too many Crosstown Doughnuts sat in the sunshine.
  4. Last week we went for curry with Richard and Ed, our unofficial 'curry club'. Richard had been away for a month so it was the first one we'd been to in a while and it was delicious and hilarious as always. (I told you there was a lot of food in this update!)
  5. The other month I signed up for a free sample of Lancome's Energie De Vie moisturiser which arrived this week! as it had taken a while I thought I might have missed out, but I'm really glad I didn't as it is so nice and makes my skin feel so soft! It came with the day and night cream and a little tester of their foundation. I'm now really tempted to get the full size version except it's more than I usually like to pay for these things, eek!
  6. I've been busy promoting my Etsy shop and a couple of my listings have been favourited quite a few times, yay.
  7. Robert has suggested that we go for breakfast at the weekend which I'm really looking forward to. PLUS I'm also going to the theatre with my friend which should be super fun. Roll on weekend times!
  8. Re-watching Nashville and I'm loving having Deacon all up on my TV screen.
  9. We had a pretty successful Museums at Night evening at the Museum and the banana bread I made for the volunteers was super tasty.
  10. I made a new running playlist which is awesome and has helped keep me going for longer runs.

Here are some fun links for your weekend reading: This pineapple chamomile iced tea sounds rather tasty and perfect for sunny afternoons. Pasta gets a bad rep at the moment, but this recipe sounds tasty and the photos are beautiful! Some paper flower DIYs so you don't need to worry about fresh flowers each week! Our Inflatable Home is my new favourite blog and you should check it out if you haven't already. If you can't wait for you next Peaky Blinders fix check out this playlist, SO good.

What have been your highlights this week? Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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