Collecting Memories


I can be a bit of a hoarder from time to time. I end up collecting some random things just because they have some sort of sentimental connection, to only then go on a cleaning spree and try to get rid of things that don't really serve much purpose. I'm not so great at that part though but I'm working on it because really how many train tickets or receipts does a person actually need to keep?

Memories02 Memories03For my birthday the other year Robert bought me a scrapbook so I could actually put things together all in one place. I'm also quite the sticker fan so having a scrapbook has meant that I can go crazy with my sticker collection and they actually have a purpose rather than just sat in my desk drawer collecting dust. When I was at college I started making a scrapbook detailing all of the travels I took with friends but after a while it got forgotten which was a shame. It's still in a drawer somewhere, probably still at my parents house, so it's not lost forever and it's nice to know that I can go back over those memories I made all those years ago.

Having a scrapbook has meant I can release my inner Lesley Knope and although it might not have glitter going on or multiple binders (just yet) it does have fun tape. YEAH! There was a while back where loads of people were running those competitions to win photos from Cheers, and although I didn't win any it did make me think about getting some of my pictures printed out. A number of them are stuck up on the fridge in the kitchen, some are on a notice board in the spare room and others are stuck in the scrapbook alongside the tickets, cards and notes. So far it's mostly just bits and pieces from mine and Robert's travels and cards we've sent to each other, but I'm sure it will bulk up over time! So here's to many more happy memories to collect over the years to come :)


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