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My love for Spotify has recently rekindled. I hadn't used it properly in years for one reason or another so it's only this year where I've finally properly gotten into running that Spotify has become my go to music source again. I only realised that you didn't have to be a premium member to have Spotify on your phone last month, thanks to my friend and running 'coach' Vic (we often chat running at work and she tells me my times are good, or other runs to try etc. so now she's my unofficial coach haha). I had been using the music downloaded onto my phone to keep me going whilst running. But it turns out there is only so many times you can listen to The Band Perry, Fleetwood Mac and Alt J without becoming just a little bit fed up of it. So Vic's Spotify news came at just the right time for me. I promptly went home and re-downloaded it onto my computer and phone and tried to remember what the hell my login was. Spotify came out when I was but a teenager so of course my login was something ridiculously stupid and cringeworthy to adult Amy (note to past teen self, re-think your login choices fool!) and I can't seem to change it which is ever so slightly annoying.

Having a new playlist has made such a difference to my runs and those points where you think you can't keep going are made infinitely better with the opening notes of Bowie's Modern Love. As you will see my music choices are pretty eclectic (I don't like being boxed in ok!) but sometimes a song that you wouldn't normally listen to suddenly becomes the perfect beat to accompany you on your quest to becoming fit(-ish) and healthy(-ish). The only downside to Spotify is it does have a tendency to have a feast on my data allowance which kinda sucks. I'm not sure I use it enough on the go outside of Wi-Fi zones, even with running three times a week, to justify spending ยฃ10 a month when I have boring bills to pay and savings to save for. I am tempted by the 3 months for 99p thing, but knowing me I will definitely forget to cancel it. Like that time I signed up for the half price cocktail box and then only remembered to cancel it the next month after I'd been sent another box at full price...whoops. On the plus side the second box did have rhubarb and blackcurrant cocktails so that made up for the little dent in my bank account.

Anyway here it is, my current running jams, I hope you like it :)

What are you current music favourites? If you have any good recommendations for other songs I should listen to please share in the comments below!

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