Happy List :: Thirteen


Happy bank holiday guys! I'm actually spending my bank holiday Monday working, but it's all cool as I have a whole week off next week. Whey! There have been ups and downs with the week just gone as I had a crazy stressful couple of days, pretty sure I'm getting ill just in time for my week off etc. But hey that's life so lets focus on the positive bits! Painting01 Weekend01

  1. I ran my fastest 5k last week. Yay. I'm not particularly bothered about times when it comes to running as I try to focus more on my general stamina and endurance and working on running further rather than faster. But it's always nice to see how far you've come!
  2. I worked from home last Monday as I had a meeting at Powell Cotton Museum where I picked up some fun oats and bran flour for making more bread.
  3. We had curry club last Thursday which was awesome as always. I went back to having my usual dish instead of branching out after last time, and it was so darn tasty. We also had our now weekly Game of Thrones social session, complete with popcorn.
  4. Saturday night we had a movie night over at Ed's place and he introduced us to his 'Crunchie Delight' pudding. Essentially you take as many crunchy bars as you like, bash them up and then mix them up with greek yoghurt. I was not completely sold on this and ended up just picking out the chocolate instead. We did watch Deadpool though which was awesome.
  5. I went and gave an outreach talk to a local history group in the prettiest village in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately I was running a little late so didn't manage to get any snaps of the village.
  6. Robert and I went out for breakfast again this weekend. This time though we tried The Goods Shed. It was ok, not as good as we were both expecting, but it was still lovely to take that extra time together.
  7. Robert also bought me two new books so that always makes a good week!
  8. I picked up some really beautiful dark crimson peonies for 80p from Marks & Spencer. The guy took them off me to price them down which was a total win.
  9. We picked up a super size pack of dark chocolate digestives. I love this biscuits so much so that pretty much made my week.
  10. Last weekend I went to London to go see Kenneth Brannagh's Romeo and Juliet with my friend Sabine, and it was AMAZING. As I was waiting for S outside the theatre I also saw Matt Smith, who then got stalked by some guy once he left. Like literally the guy chased him up the street, poor Matt Smith.

Here are some fun and interesting things I've found around the web recently. This discussion on Disphotic was a really interesting read about photography and gender. This New Yorker podcast interview with Lena Dunham and other bits and pieces. I really loved this house tour on Apartment Therapy, so beautiful and they have cats! I found this piece on Immi's experience of the contraceptive implant really interesting, especially as I keep contemplating about switching to it every now and then. Also have you checked out the intersectional feminist podcast Kicking the Kyriarchy?

What have been your highlights from the week?


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