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I've decided to keep up with my theme of positivity by sharing the love for some of my favourite Instagram accounts. Sometimes a little escapism  and beautiful soothing pictures are just what you need to calm your mind and soul. Although it is a highly curated social media platform it's still nice to get a sneaky peek into people's lives and a place to get some much needed inspiration. So here are my top ten Instagrammers, don't worry I won't cover all the cat and sausage dog accounts I follow haha!


This Last Moment | Anna

Follow along for dreamy lifestyle photos and her current adventures in America. I love Anna's blog and instagram as her voice is so personable and makes you feel like you know her!

La Retour | Laura

All the beautiful pictures of Scotland that will make you want to run away to the hills, if you didn't already! Laura's photos have been great for keeping me excited for my trip to Edinburgh later this year, and her blog has some great suggestions too!

The Ever Change | Flora

A recent find for me and I'm so glad I have stumbled across Flora's blog and instagram as her photos (and words) are so beautiful!

Oscillare | Julia

All the vicarious Brooklyn living can be done through Julia's Instagram and blog. I found her account from the Girl Gang comment swap the other month, and I'm so glad I did as it's become a firm favourite!

Odilepp | Odile

Lots of bright white lifestyle images and everything you (probably) want your life and instagram to reflect haha. Also there's a very cute fluffy cat that appears from time to time ;)

Mon cahier jaune | Georgina

Georgina doesn't appear to have been on Instagram long but her pictures are already so beautiful and gives you all the country living feels.

Flea and Bear | Mary

One of my absolute favourites is Flea and Bear (not just because cats, but that does help a lot). All of Mary's photos are put together so beautifully and give you all the homely feels. I also love her blog!

The Slow Traveller | Carolyn

Just what you need if you want a bit of escapism to elsewhere in the world. Follow along for light bright images from across the globe and lots of buildings if that's your jam!

The Foraged Life | Rachel

Definitely follow along if you're wanting a bit more country living inspiration. There's lots of lovely landscapes and vignettes to soothe a tired city soul.

nettle & blackberry | Imii Mace

All the lovely bright white images of Paris and the UK. Check out her blog too for more beaut pictures and her witty, informative posts!

Do let me know if you have any other beautiful accounts that I should follow along, it's always nice finding new accounts to take inspiration from! My apologies for the lack of images but I wasn't sure what the deal was with sharing other people's Instagram pictures so I've left it to you to explore the accounts yourselves ;)

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