The Veggie Challenge


So in a few weeks or so R is off to America for work so I thought I would make the most of the time to myself and eat veggie while he is away. It's always fun trying something new and a little bit different to the normal routine and I do enjoy planning so I've definitely been enjoying starting to think of new meal ideas. I think it's safe to say that healthy living is pretty 'in' at the moment. With heavy hitters like Jamie Oliver getting behind the movement it seems pretty obvious that the trend is going to be sticking around for a while. I think it's great that people are thinking more about their food and where it comes from and it's great to see the continued movement towards and popularity of locally grown food. Neither R or myself are vegetarians but we always try and think carefully about what meat we eat and where it's sourced from. We like to support our local producers whenever we can and it's always fun finding new independent coffee shops to try!


When I lived at home we used to try and have a veggie meal at least once a week which was nice to mix things up and it was always good having a break from meat. I've recently persuaded R that we should try and do the same to try and cut back on our meat consumption but I thought it would be fun to see if I could eat veggie for the whole time while R is away. I wanted to see what difference, if any, it would make to my energy levels, skin condition (my face has recently erupted again after having been it's clearest in a long while, boo!) and general health. I've started to look for some fun recipes to try and have found a couple I like the sound of including Deliciously Ella's rejuvenating bowl and Nigella Lawson's courgette fritters. The problem I've found is that a number of recipes seem to be quite carb heavy, with potato and rice/pasta or wraps etc. which I'm not quite such a fan of. I like my carbs, but I'd rather not have an overload of them in one meal! The other thing I don't like is that other recipes rely on meat alternatives like quorn or tofu which I'm not quite down with as I'm looking for more hassle free recipes. I'm hoping to prep at the weekends so I don't have to spend too long after work cooking as I often lose motivation to make food for myself which is stupid!

If you have any good veggie recipes to recommend I'd love to get some more ideas!

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