Happy List :: Fourteen


It's been a tough few days this weekend gone. I keep falling down the proverbial Brexit rabbit hole and getting thoroughly depressed and anxious, which is made even worse when I read some of the comments that people leave in response... I wasn't quite feeling in the blogging mood recently with everything, it just seemed so unimportant in relation to the weeks events. But although the world seems to have gone a little mad it just means that it's even more important to focus on the little positive things.

  1. Mum and Dad came up for a visit on Sunday and we ended up having a picnic lunch in the living room and then explored Faversham which has an endless amount of really old beautiful buildings. They also had a market on and we found a tearoom with the best victoria sponge cake I've eaten all year.
  2. I bought some new yarn to make up a few more hats. Knitting has been a great distraction recently!
  3. I made up some pancake batter on Saturday night ready to have for breakfast on Sunday and they were super tasty if I do say so myself.
  4. My run at the weekend was made even more interesting as my running route was partly flooded, which meant I ended up getting very wet trainers that squelched a lot. I also saw ducklings which was an added highlight!
  5. Last Wednesday Richard came round for dinner and we played Pandemic, which is one of my favourite board games.
  6. R and I took the train down to Brighton the other weekend and had a lovely day in the sunshine there.
  7. My friend and I have started planning our trip away to Edinburgh, we've got the hotel booked and I've sorted my train out too!
  8. I ordered a few bits and pieces from asos recently including a dress which is super comfy and swishy.
  9. We caught up with a couple of friends for lunch at Tamago the other week which was fun.
  10. R bought me popcorn and crunch corners on Friday to make me feel better. I also went for a run that night which was the best thing for clearing my head of everything.

Maybe we should all run away to the mountains and make our own solar-powered houses? Some beautiful photos from Jakfruit to calm your brain. I loved this piece on Silverpebble about scent and memory. This instagrammer makes tiny foods out of clay, ridiculously cute, like seriously go check it out now it's so cute. Some lovely pictures on The New Yorker from Top of the Rock.

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