A Happy List :: Three


This week has seemed a particularly long one, so I'm super thankful the weekend is now upon us. The Museum has been quite busy preparing for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. On Thursday we spent our lunchtime listening to a friend and colleague give a talk on the importance of various artefacts in the Museum collection on the battle. This weekend is going to be my only time off now for the next 11 days as I'm working next weekend, so I'm even more grateful it's Saturday. I'm also looking forward to the prospect of Steve cooking us enchiladas tonight, yum! 1. Going for a meal out at the pub to celebrate Robert's paper acceptance.

2. Picking strawberries from the plants in the garden and eating them with Nutella.

3. Making leftover Bear Claws for an indulgent mid-week breakfast!

4.Watching the last Game of Thrones episode with Steve and Robert and eating popcorn.

5. Taking Friday afternoon off work to run some errands and catch up with old friends.

6. Having my first Italian lesson in years. It was a little intimidating but I got through it and was able to answer a few questions in Italian!

7. Going to the gym after work with Robert and pushing myself a little bit more than usual.

8. Having a lovely indulgent bubble bath and reading my book.

9. Watching Better off Dead with Robert and Steve as our now habitual Friday night silly movie time.

10. Knowing Robert isn't working this weekend, yay!