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So, July eh? *Insert all comments about the speed of the year and the weather*. This week has been a bit of an odd one, I've found it's gone quite fast but also felt like it's dragged ever so slowly. Anyone else felt the same? I've been busy at work prepping for the school holiday activities and making sure everything is in order for next year too. It makes me remember those summer holiday days where my friends and I would spend nearly every day riding our bikes on our street or learning new tricks on my friend's trampoline. Those days in memories always seem sunny and carefree. I'm really looking forward to this weekend as although I'm working Saturday I've got lots of nice things planned, so here's to the weekend!Reading:: Villa America. Carrying on my 20s theme having finished Hemingway's A Moveable Feast.

Eating:: All things veggie. My lunches have been comprised of greek salads, hummus and crudites and my favourite dinner was the aubergine and chickpea tagine. There was also a lovely mid-week meal cooked by a lovely friend (looking at you G.)

Anticipating:: Robert's return home and hearing all about LA and San Francisco!

Despairing:: About politics and the world and trying to ignore the news as much as possible as it just seems to go from bad to worse.

Needing:: Sleep as my routine has been all out of whack with R away.

Planning:: A full de-clutter of the house. I plan to be ruthless to get it all under control.

Watching:: I just got all caught up with Vikings and now am catching up with The Mindy Project. If anyone has any suggestions of other shows to check out let me know!

Knitting:: More bobble hats...

Wanting:: A new sewing machine, mine is dead in the water. I have ideas for all sorts of projects I want to experiment with and there's a fabric shop that has all the whimsical print fabric that I'm trying not to spend all my money on.

Wearing:: Layers as this weather just can't decide on anything. But apparently the weekend is going to be nice, so we'll see what happens.

Feeling:: Excited to catch up with some friends briefly this evening.

Thinking:: About sunny days and weekends away planned for later in the year.

Dreaming:: about the strangest of things. I don't remember about what when I wake up but it's been leaving me with an odd feeling haha.

Hoping:: To be able to re-decorate the house (or at least the living room) later this year to make the most of what light we do get!

Have a happy weekend all!

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