The Veggie Challenge: Complete!


So R is home and my veggie challenge is complete! I spent ten days eating only vegetarian meals and thought I would give a roundup of my experience. I did end up eating a fair amount of hummus during R's time away so much so that I'm surprised I didn't turn into a chickpea. I'm not sure I found it particularly challenging as I enjoy eating vegetables and am perfectly fine to go meals without meat so in that respect it was totally fine. The most challenging aspect to it was probably finding recipes that didn't require crazy ingredients that were impossible to get or really expensive. The other issue I found was that lots of recipes I looked at seemed to rely quite heavily on cheese which is a problem for me as I can only eat specific types of dairy and not a great deal of it. It also really helped that when I was home for the weekend my parents cooked me up tasty veggie meals, and had a lovely mid-week meal cooked by my vegan friend.

One of the things I really liked about this was that I didn't have to worry about cross-contaminating foods and could use the same chopping board without needing to wash it down mid-meal prep, which definitely made life a little easier. I did find that in the morning I would wake up before my alarm and be really really hungry, which isn't necessarily a problem but was something different to usual.


So, what did I eat? For lunches I relied quite heavily on making greek salads to take to work with mini pita breads. I would also take leftovers from dinner the night before or a pot of hummus with crudités and pita bread. For dinner I made up a really tasty aubergine and chickpea tagine (pictured above) which I also ate with pita bread. I made roasted vegetables with hummus and garlic flatbread, and Deliciously Ella's nourishing bowl. Mum cooked me up ratatouille and gave me the leftovers to have later in the week, as well as pesto pasta with homegrown green veg whilst G cooked up a tasty lentil bolognese last Wednesday. YUM.

What worked? I'm not a fan of aubergine normally so I'm really pleased that the aubergine and chickpea tagine went so well. The nourishing bowl though was not such a hit. For me the near-raw garlic was way too overpowering and the textures of the dish all became a little too claggy and became a real effort to eat, which was a shame. Obviously you can't go too wrong with roasted veg which was a lovely quick meal after a long day at work, and meals cooked by other people are always a major plus!

Would I do it again? Most likely, plus we've already started adding a weekly veggie meal to our routine! It was fun trying something different, and I didn't particularly miss meat that much-except for at the weekend when mum and dad had roast duck which smelt amazing.

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