Happy List :: Fifteen


It's Fridayyy! I'm not working this weekend so I'm pretty excited for a Friday to actually be a Friday again, yay Friday! Plans for this weekend include catching up with friends for a movie night, perhaps a trip to the farmers market and chilling out enjoying the sunshine. Well that's if the good weather continues into the weekend, knowing England though I guess it's best to be prepared for all eventualities! Fingers crossed though as it would be nice to actually be outside to enjoy the sun while we have it rather than stuck in a stuffy office without any air conditioning, fans or the ability to open many windows- the joys of working in a Museum haha! Last weekend I downloaded Pokemon, so I might see if I can actually work out what the hell I'm supposed to do with it now over this weekend...

  1. R got back from America this week and brought back red vines, reeses pieces and a few other treats! While he was away though I did go out for the most amazing Italian meal in Canterbury, so so good.
  2. We had a BBQ the other night which was super tasty. We may have ended up smelling of smoke for the rest of the evening and been harassed by wasps, but it was definitely worth it.
  3. I picked up a new face cleanser which I'm hoping will help with those rubbish under the skin spots, fingers crossed.
  4. Last weekend R and I popped into town to pick up some food bits and then had a wander around eating ice lollies in the sunshine.
  5. While R was away I finally got the hang of Snapchat and it was great to use it to keep in contact while we were in completely different time zones.
  6. The warm weather has meant that all the floaty dresses and skirts have come out to play.
  7. Leftover BBQ food for lunch 😍
  8. Our courgette plants have been flowering, so I've got my fingers crossed that the slugs don't eat them all.
  9. Last Friday I met up with some friends after work for a catch up and to celebrate Ross getting a new job.
  10. I had a number of toil hours so I took the afternoon off on Tuesday so I didn't have to stay in the office on the hottest day of the year. I also caught up with the Outlander finale and PLL which has picked up pace since last season.

I thought the fact that Louboutin are making flats in a range of nude colours is pretty cool, the picture that goes with it is pretty dreamy too. This short clip by Radio Four about clean eating was pretty interesting, there seems to be a bit of a turn in the perception of clean eating recently. There have been some really interesting debates happening around Museums and Pokemon Go. I know it's had quite a bit of criticism but I don't really see the harm as it's getting people outside, getting exercise, exploring new places and bringing people together. Finally, Baby Sausage Dogs, do I need to say anymore than that?

Got anything good planned for your weekend?

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