There are those times where I think I've got this whole 'being an adult' thing down. I will have booked my car in for its MOT and service, cleaned the fridge, been fancy and made myself avocado toast and got on top of my emails. Then I realise we don't have a fly swat and trying to herd flies back out the door is rather tricky and makes me look a bit weird. Ahh, adulthood.I have to say I don't feel particularly grown up and 'adult' and I'm not sure I ever really will. I'm not even sure what it means anyway. I sometimes get that feeling of anticipation as if I'm waiting for something to happen, almost like I'm treading water, but I have no idea what I could be waiting for. After the referendum vote it really felt like the future was even more unstable and up in the air than before, it still feels a little like that but I guess routine and normality has pushed that to the sidelines for the moment. It's easy to get caught up in work and life and then the realisation comes that, this is it, what do I do next? Buy a house? Is that even feasible nowadays? With short term job contracts that are dependent on funding it means that both R and myself could find ourselves having to move away for work. In that case is there even any point in thinking about buying a house when we may only live in it for a year? Of course buying a house is most likely quite a way down the line as, like most people, we just can't afford it at the moment. I think it's fair to say that adult life is nothing like I thought it would be as a child, for a start there's a lot more laundry and 'getting angry about politics' which I don't think I even considered when I was 7.

Being an adult isn't all that bad though, you get to plan all the exciting things you want to do and can even have cereal for dinner if so inclined (personally I prefer Marmite toast as a midnight snack, it's been my go to for years!). It's all swings and roundabouts in the end!

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