A Knitting Project | Cable Socks


Whilst I was studying for my MA I taught myself how to knit, starting off with ear warmers and hats and eventually socks. My sister gave me Knits for you and your Home by Debbie Bliss which has some really lovely patterns and some rather odd ones in it (personally I'm not sure of the use of knitted bottle covers, but then each to their own). This year I opted to try making the cabled socks which just looked so cosy and comfy in the pictures.

Detailing of the cable socksI decided, if they went well, to make them for my sister for her birthday present as she had said how she liked the look of them. The pattern was slightly confusing to follow at times, but I managed to muddle through and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially as they were my first socks! There are a few mistakes here and there, but luckily the cabling detail covers them up pretty well. I did get a little confused when it came to the toe part, but thanks to good old YouTube I found a number of videos that talked through the process really well. I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmirino wool in a beautiful duck egg blue colour, which looks more green in some light (as in the picture above!) and it was so lovely to work with. Unlike other cheaper yarns or pure wool the baby cashmirino was lovely and soft so didn't scratch and irritate my hands as I worked with it and is also super comfy for this slipper sock style. I chose not to add the pom pom detailing that's suggested in the original pattern, as I thought they looked good without them and because pom poms can get ripped off and look scraggy after a while. Ellie seemed pretty happy with them and hopefully they will keep her feet nice and warm during the winter months!