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Bleurghh, Tuesday, am I right? But at least the sunshine is back! I was getting a little excited for autumn the other week as I found blackberries growing and the air started getting a little cooler. But then I had to wear my gloves to drive to work one morning as the steering wheel was too cold, and I decided that actually I'm totally happy for Summer to stick around for a while longer. We're meeting up with some friends this evening which I'm looking forward to so I'm hoping that work treats me gently today!

It's always fun compiling these happy lists. It's nice to think over the last few weeks of all the nice and happy things that have happened and makes me realise that even if a week has seemed bad there is always something good mixed in.

  1. I went for a spa day with Mum last Tuesday which was great. It was lovely catching up and spending time with Mum and having a relax and yummy food!
  2. R and I had a movie night on Sunday. The movie was terrible and had more holes than a colander but we had popcorn and a laugh which made for a fun night.
  3. The other week we went to London to Somerset House to watch Ex Machina as part of the Film4 Summer Series. The atmosphere was so fun that we're definitely thinking of going again next year.
  4. We had curry club last week which always makes a good week. Richard showed me videos of a dog he'd been looking after and it was ridiculously cute which was a great plus- you can never go wrong with cute animal videos!
  5.  Our courgette plants have gone crazy so we're going to be having courgettes with every meal for the next few weeks.
  6. Clean fresh sheets dried in the sunshine! It really makes going to bed even better. Having to dry sheets inside is one thing I'm not looking forward to when the winter months come around.
  7. I had to give a talk last week which meant I got home late. When I got in R had organised french stick and antipasti for my lunch on Thursday which was the best!
  8. I upgraded my phone as my old one was really on it's last legs. It meant I got to buy a new case for it which I bought via Dessi Designs on Etsy. Her designs are really sweet and it's nice to support a local designer rather than a big company.
  9. We've started watching Stranger Things. I don't think either of us quite get the hype around it but we're enjoying nonetheless!
  10. I had Friday afternoon off work last week and treated myself to a new diary as I'm currently planning all the events at the Museum for next year. Exciting times.

Here are a few interesting things from around the web I've come across recently: This suggestion of thrillers to read poolside, I remember being completely creeped out reading The Beach. Here's a positive affirmation for your Tuesdays. This was an interesting article about the archaeological discoveries around the country due to environmental changes. I stumbled across Tara Galuska on Instagram the other month and I love all of her paper creations, they are absolutely beautiful!

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

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