Of Little Significance


It's funny what things we remember and what we forget and how differently people can view a conversation or relationship. To you it might not have much of a lasting impact but to the other person it might be something that has more of an impact.

The other day I mentioned to R that I really enjoyed sweet and salty popcorn and then a couple of days later I came home from work to discover a packet of popcorn placed on the sofa just for me- sweet and salty flavour of course. I'd only mentioned my preference in passing as part of a bigger conversation (I can't remember what about specifically but it could have been a very popcorn centric one!) so it was very touching to find that R had remembered it and even acted upon it. I'm not saying that I don't expect him to listen but it was a comment of so little significance to myself that I had pretty much forgotten I had mentioned it until coming home to the little gift. It got me thinking about all the other pieces of information that get shared in passing.


When I was at school I was given the book Love Rules, for either my 15th or 16th birthday. It was a gift from a friend and on opening she enthusiastically told me she picked it up because of the conversation we had had in Maths class. I duly nodded and gave signs of understanding but to this day I have no idea what the conversation she referenced was about. I could have just asked her, but she looked so sincere and happy about it that I didn't want to let her down by telling her I had no clue what she meant. I'm presuming it was a chat about love and relationships, and being teenagers in a girls school I think that's a pretty safe bet, but sometimes I wonder if there was any other significance to the book, a hidden joke or reference that I've completely missed. Even though I haven't read it again in many many years I still take it to each house I move to as I like to think that it's unassuming presence holds a mini mystery.

This might paint me as a rather unobservant and forgetful individual (...I can be a little forgetful at times haha) but there are plenty of examples where I have remembered something fondly and viewed it as significant but when mentioned to the person it relates to they are equally confused as I have been in the past. I just think it's interesting how we all take away something very different from our relationships with one another. Memory, it's a funny old thing!

Have you got any examples of similar situations? Please don't tell me I'm the only one!

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