Happy List :: Seventeen


The last couple of weeks have been pretty great happy weeks. There have been so many lovely little, and big, things that have been happening recently. I mean it definitely helps that the Bake Off is bake which definitely helps with the mid-week slump. I also caught up with Poldark which is a little cheesy but the landscapes generally make up for that! I've also been trying to take time most evenings before bed to read, although I still can't get on with Wuthering Heights.

  1. I made raspberry muffins after dinner the other day with the raspberries my parents had given me from their garden. They were ridiculously quick to make and tasted pretty great!
  2. I only had one day of work last week which is pretty much the best type of work week!
  3. I'm pretty proud of how well my doorstop turned out and it's doing it's job really well.
  4. We went out for breakfast last Sunday to Refectory Kitchen in Canterbury which is my favourite breakfast spot in the city. They've changed up their menu a bit so this time I tried the waffle with yoghurt and blueberry compote which was amazing and Robert had a sort of posh spicy sausage muffin.
  5. I treated myself to a couple of new lipsticks. I'm kinda in love with them as the colours are so pretty and have really great staying power. They're Bourjois and I think they're the Velvet selection that they have.
  6. Work has been pretty good and I've organised pretty much all of the events for the Museum's programme Jan-June.
  7. We've started re-watching Parks and Rec again. Even after many multiple watchings it's still always so funny and great.
  8. I went to Guildford the other week for a shopping and lunch day with my parents which was so lovely. I was able to chat with the staff at Liz Earle to discuss my crappy skin situation which was so helpful and meant I ended up spending a fair bit of money, but so fair it's definitely worth it.
  9. I went to Edinburgh last week with my oldest friend which is possibly the best thing. I also lined up a number of podcasts to listen to on the train journey there and back.
  10. R and I have also been making some plans to go away for a long weekend in October for my birthday so I'm pretty excited not only for the trip, but also planning the trip!

As a person who lives in a Victorian terrace I was really interested in seeing this house tour. I agree with this article that September should be the start of the New Year. I liked this New Yorker piece on the pleasure of being read to. Slow cooker apple dessert, perfect for autumn.

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