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It's the first week in October which is my very very favourite month especially as it's birthday month, halloween and the time of year when the trees really put on their best autumn show. The evenings have started getting a little chillier and I've been thinking about pumpkins, chunky knits and chelsea boots. Naturally. I thought I would share a few things that I've really been enjoying lately, although maybe it's more like a general chatty update!I've been ill the last week so I haven't really gotten around to doing much, but now R has handed in his PhD (!!!!) we've got a few things planned. This has meant that I ended up watching a fair amount of Netflix as I had so little energy to do anything else. I really enjoyed watching Easy on Netflix, although I watched this when it first came on Netflix a few weeks ago. The only problem with it was that the series was much too short, so I'm really hoping that they do a follow up series to it. Whilst I've been ill the last week though I've been re-watching Friday Night Lights which is always a firm favourite with me. Whilst I was ill R went out and stocked me up on Sudafed, Strepsils, throat sweets, actual sweets and green smoothies. He also picked up those really tasty petits filous chocolate and vanilla yoghurts which were the most soothing thing ever for my sore throat. He is awesome!


I got really fed up with the local radio stations earlier this year as they just kept playing the same songs over and over, and then when they weren't playing those songs they had misogynistic presenters reinforcing gender stereotypes. UGH. So I made the switch. To Radio 4. I now feel much more informed about what's going on in the world, although it does sometimes make me ragey. This time instead of being ragey about idiot presenters I now get ragey when the news section plays snippets of Theresa May talking.

These felt houses by Intres on Etsy are so beautiful and feel super Christmassy ( sorry to mention the C word in October). They've inspired me to get my craft on, although there are so many ideas whirling around in my head that I'm not sure which to start with first. I have had a really fun idea for something related to Christmas and blogging, but I think that's going to be in a whole other blog post all it's own!

I've also really fallen in love with this Instagram account from a couple who have renovated a vintage airstream. I have all the heart eye emojis when I see their pictures, especially all their lovely plants. I'm in love.

The blog posts I've really loved recently include this one by Maddie from Whisky Tango Flat White about body positivity. Coline from Conflicted Beauty always writes really interesting posts too, and I enjoyed her recent one on why you don't need to prioritise self-care. Basically anything Anna writes is always brilliant and this post about forging a sisterhood is no different!

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