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It's Valentine's Day, so what better time than to show the love for some of my favourite blogs and bloggers. I am so incredibly thankful to blogging to have introduced me to so many wonderful people. I've even been lucky enough to meet up with a number of them in person, which is just the best thing. The internet and blogging is such an incredible tool for bringing people together, and I've had so many new things and experiences because of it.  I've added a new page to the blog, which you can find in the top bar, with some links to some more of my favourite reads. For now though, here are a few really lovely blogs!

This Last Moment

Anna's blog is such a calming thoughtful space, with great writing and photographs. She also has a great YouTube channel and her Instagram is fab. Anna's blog covers subjects including feminism and sustainable living with some travel and recipe posts every so often. I've had the great pleasure of meeting up with Anna a few times now and she is even lovelier in person, if that's even possible, and I'm so thankful to blogging for introducing us! 

Favourite posts: So We Marched...What Next?, America on Film and The Realities of Freelancing

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The Ever Changing Home

I love Flora's blog as it has such a range of topics from interiors to personal posts. It's so interesting following Flora's journey towards buying a home and I've already picked up some great tips that she's shared! Flora's warmth and brightness really shows through her writing making her blog such a lovely space to visit.

Favourite posts: Lessons on Buying a Home: 10 Tips Worth Knowing if You're Saving Up, The Insignificant Details: About You, About Me and Lessons on Buying a Home: Nothing is Ever Certain

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Beside the Danube

Lulu's blog is like a warm visual hug for the soul. It's the type of blog that you love to stumble across and end up getting lost in with all the beautiful words and photos. There's a little bit of travel, a focus on the little bright things in life and poems for the weekend. Lulu's articulation of her sorrow over Brexit and recent political events is something so many of us can relate to as well.

Favourite posts: Bright Spots |Week Four, A City of Shifting Light and Women's March, London

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Awake and Make

Charlotte's blog is a lovely mix of posts, from knitting and crafting to her experiences of studying with the Open University and volunteering. Awake and Make is such a lovely space, just like the even lovelier Charlotte, and always helps inspire me to get on with my craft projects and pick up my knitting needles!

Penrhyn Castle and the Problem with Material Culture, The Knit Files: Repeated Cables and It's all in the Process

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