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Another week, another month and another post to reflect on all the good bits that have happened recently. I think food features less prominently in this one, which is a bit of a shocker- but don't quote me on that! The start of November has brought quite a few changes to things at work for me, with staff changeovers and lots of additional late-night meetings so I'm looking forward to this coming weekend! Anyway, let's get to it...

  1. I had a lovely few days away in Paris with R for my birthday this year. Surprisingly though we didn't eat as much as we thought we would but clocked up lots of walking instead. I'm currently sifting through our photos from the trip to work out which ones to post on here!
  2. We headed over to Ed's the other weekend to watch a movie and eat copious amounts of popcorn. We ended up choosing Nice Guys (my pick!) which was absolutely hilarious, I most definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.
  3. The other weekend just gone I headed back to Sussex for a big family meet up with all our cousins. It was so lovely to see everyone, especially as we hadn't seen some people for 2 years! We ended up grabbing lunch a few of us and then headed back to my parents for cat cuddles in front of the fire, one of the things I most miss about living at home!
  4. That weekend R had also cooked us up lasagna as he had been working all day on papers, it was super tasty. Afterwards we all shared a box of boozy chocolates some of which were deadly potent!
  5. My parents came to Kent the weekend before we went to Paris and we went out for dinner at Il Posticino in Canterbury to celebrate my dad's birthday, my birthday and R handing in his PhD.
  6. We started sorting through our living room as we have decided to rearrange how we use the rooms in the house. This also meant that we made a start on re-decorating too, only one half of the room so far but it's made a huge difference to the brightness of the room.
  7. My eldest sister and niece came to visit me the Monday of half term. We had lots of cups of tea, my niece helped me make tuna pasta for her lunch and we went for a walk which resulted in me carrying my niece when her foot started hurting.
  8. I wrote an interview for Charlotte's new blog Blog Socks. You can find it here, and her October bloggers roundup post here.
  9. The last few years bonfire night never quite worked out for us due to work or other commitments. This year though it all worked out and we met up with friends to see some fireworks. We ate truly terrible burgers, got smoked out by an apocalyptic bonfire but had a really great time regardless.
  10. I'm trying to take advantage of the sudden cold weather to stay cosy with blankets, multiple cups of tea and knitting- the only way to deal with chilly dark nights. If you're a fellow knitter you might be interested in Knitmas!

I really enjoyed this piece of real-life Meet Cute Moments on the New Yorker. I thought this piece on The Pool about long-term relationships was quite interesting. I loved Anna's post on the Realities of Freelancing. If you want to know what it's like being involved in the creation of a new museum then you should read this.

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