Three Days in Paris


The last few weeks has left me feeling incredibly cynical about the world and the future we are all headed towards. To counteract this I am having a little reminisce about our trip to Paris last month when we took the Eurostar over to celebrate my birthday and eat all the good food. It was a whirlwind three days with plenty of walking and attempts to remember GCSE French.We took the earliest train out of Ashford and spent our first day in Paris getting our bearings, stopping off at various cafes for tea, coffee and croissants, omelettes, sandwiches and french fries. We couldn't check into our hotel room, which was located in the Latin quarter, until 2pm so we had a gentle morning wandering down through Paris. This was also because R was ill with a sinus infection (boo!) and our bags were heavy. We had a mooch around the gardens by the zoo and I attempted to use a public toilet, one of those ones with the automatic doors that never seem to want to close. I gave up at my fourth attempt to work the door and went and ate chips instead.

Once we checked into the hotel we napped and found a place (Chez Fernand) to eat Boeuf Bourguignon which was super tasty. We followed it up by sharing a creme brûlée and then rolled our way back to the hotel. The restaurant was one of those places where all the tables are lined up as one, so the waiter had to lift our table out of the way to let me sit down which was fun- it also meant everyone could have a nose at what other people had ordered! We attempted to watch a bit of Mission Impossible, but it was awful and we promptly fell asleep, what adventurers we are!

Our hotel ended up being a bit crap and noisy, but it was nice and close to a very tasty breakfast spot called Strada Cafe. We might have turned up a little late for breakfast but they very kindly produced some amazing eggs with smoked salmon on toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. So. Good. Day two ended up with us hitting up all the typical tourist spots, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, Tuileries Gardens, the Louvre and lots of wandering up and down the Seine. We got caught in a few rain showers, one whilst we were buying nutella crepes at a stand which ended up being the tastiest crepe ever. I seriously considered going back to buy another as it was just so good. We were pretty exhausted from all our walking so we found a restaurant (Le Vieux Bistro) nice and close to the hotel which had an offer of three courses for €17 euros which included the most amazing steak and French onion soup.

On our final day we ended up returning to Strada Cafe for another super tasty breakfast before heading off to the Pantheon, Luxembourg Gardens and Montparnasse Tower where we got incredible, if slightly grey, views over Paris. We then headed back to the gardens to eat more nutella and cheese crepes before collecting our bags, spending the last of our money on pastries to take home, and making our way back to Gare du Nord and our waiting Eurostar.

It was a really lovely jam-packed few days which I would love to do all over again right now! Here's to planning another escape from the current world madness.

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