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One weekend in October my parents came over to Kent to help us assemble an Ikea sofa bed. Thrilling stuff, right? The main reason for the visit was actually to celebrate both Dad's birthday and mine by eating cake and other super tasty food, naturally. The cats also came, which made for a super cosy cuddly weekend- always the best.Robert and I had been talking for a while about changes we wanted to make to our house but knew we couldn't make a start on anything until Robert had handed in his PhD. Since then, with permission from our landlords, we've started embarking on re-decorating various rooms in the house and have slowly been moving furniture around to create a proper dining room and to move our living room to the front of the house. I had been hoping that we might have been able to make the room transitions by Christmas, but it is such an incredibly slow process that it's not looking likely. We're having to decorate the rooms in portions and then move bits of furniture to the paint the other sections in the room. But, as they say, it's better to do things properly rather than rush everything through and to not be quite happy with the results.

I'm a planner type of person, so I've been in my element drawing up floor plans and re-arranging all the things that accumulate on our shelves. Part of the house re-jig was installing the sofa bed in our guest room, which Bilbo was incredibly curious about. Cleo on the other hand couldn't care less and instead decided to curl up on our bed, she's got her priorities straight! Part of this process also includes doing a proper sort-through of all of our stuff and de-cluttering each room as we go. It's a looong process, but hopefully we'll be sorted by January (ha!). It's already looking so much better with a new coat of white paint making the house so much brighter and fresher, I can't wait until it's all done!

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