Book Review | Colouring In Grown Up Style


How great has the weather been this week?! There alway seems to be a temptation to complain about the weather, whether it's too hot or too cold (...this heat has made it a little tricky getting to sleep) but after waiting so long for some decent weather it's impossible to moan! I am absolutely loving the sun and warm weather, it instantly helps to lift my mood, which is especially helpful after working an eleven day week.

Colouring books for adults seems to be a big thing at the moment. Whenever I've been in Waterstones recently they've had large displays dedicated to colouring books for grown-ups. The other week or so I read a couple of articles in the Guardian about how great colouring is for de-stressing and thought I might as well give it a go! It's always good to have something other than Netflix to help unwind after an extra long week at work, so I figured this was a good a time as any to try it out. I ordered Millie Marotta'sย Animal Kingdomย from Amazon after being lured in by it's beautiful front cover design. I mean, look at it, It's so pretty! I think the splashes of gold detail are a great addition and really catch your eye.

Animal Kingdom

I started off with the elephant, and might have gone a little wild with the colour combo! The line drawings are beautiful and so intricate as to keep you busy on one image for quite some time. I have found it pretty relaxing to sit in the evening colouring in (whilst watching re-runs of Buffy or Friday Night Lights, I can't help myself) and to completely switch off. It's been nice as well to get a bit more creative again, even if that is limited to picking what colour combinations to go for! I definitely think it has been helpful in de-stressing after a particularly taxing day at work and it will keep me preoccupied for quite some time due to the sheer number and intricate detail of the images.

Animal Kingdom