2016 Reflections


Another year over, goodbye 2016 and fingers crossed for better things in this new year. I know in many ways last year couldn't end soon enough but with it's close comes the ever looming reality of last year's nightmare- Brexit and The Orange One. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is feeling a little uneasy about the upcoming year as a consequence. But despite the awful global changes that happened last year there were plenty of lovely things to have happened on a personal level and achievements I am proud of, so let's dive in! 

  1. One of the biggest achievements would be writing my conference paper and presenting it to a roomful of people in Wales. It was my first overnight work trip which was pretty exciting, the conference was so interesting and I met lots of other lovely museum people.
  2. I actually took up running properly. I'd tried so many times to get into the habit of going for runs whilst at uni but it never stuck and I never found any enjoyment in it. In 2016 that all finally changed though, I completed the Couch to 5k app, went for regular runs with Robert and actually started enjoying it. It's been a little harder to keep it going through these colder months but we're working on it!
  3. 2016 also saw us start to turn our house into a proper home, with re-decorating and a re-jig of the rooms. We're nowhere near any complete kind of stage but hopefully we'll have things a bit more sorted soon. We've got a few ideas for some other house projects too which should be fun!
  4. I had my first visit to Scotland in September when I went to Edinburgh with my oldest friend and I completely fell in love with the city. Last year also meant Paris in October for my birthday with tasty food and plenty of walking!

There were of course plenty of other great things in 2016 both at work and at home, but the above for me were definitely the highlights. So what about 2017? Considering I go big for planning and list-making the idea of new year resolutions are really not my thing. Instead I will be thinking about the things I want to continue striving towards, the things that have already been in the works for sometime and doing things that make me happy.

  1. I want to carry on with running this year and try to push myself a little further. Maybe go for some runs in different locations!
  2. I want to continue getting our house in order, clearing out all the stuff we don't need or use and re-painting what needs a refresh. This will be a slow and steady one throughout the year as we rearrange and re-assess our needs.
  3. I'm looking forward to visiting some new places this year with Robert now his PhD is all but done. We don't have anything planned or any specific places in mind so will just see how things go!
  4. I want to carry on sharing things on this space, carry on with my creative endeavours and engaging with others in the blogging community. Finding like-minded, kick-ass gals on the internet has been a definite highlight of the year past too so definitely want to keep that going!

Happy New Year to all you lovely lot and a big thank you for following along on this space, it really means so much! Fingers crossed for some more positive global changes for the year.

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