A Happy List :: Four


Yay weekend! Having a nice long three day weekend is glorious. Once a month, or there abouts, I work an eleven day week working over the weekend, and at the end of it I get an extra long weekend. This time I was even more tired than usual, probably because of the heat we've had recently, so this weekend was sorely needed. Lots of fun and exciting stuff has been going on and I've got a couple of trips away that I need to start planning and sorting for which means that things have been rather busy recently! Here's my highlights from the week just gone: 1. Re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's wonderful and cheesy and takes me right back to school and the 90s.

2. Dark chocolate Kit Kat! Robert and I bought one to share, but he, being lovely, let me have the majority of it!

3. Eating ice lollies in the sunshine with Robert, I can't think of a better way to cool off...besides being pool side eating ice lollies. yes please!

4. Booking my plane ticket to Milan and also knowing that Prague is only in a couple of weeks!

5. Drinking iced tea with my friend and having a proper good catch up.

6. Having Friday off to chill and do as little as possible.

7. Making it to the gym three times this week.

8. Going for a drink at a coffee shop with Robert and reading my book.

9. We went to Wye with some friends to celebrate Chris passing his PhD. It was great to sit in a pub garden in the sunshine catching up.

10. Watching Ex Machina with Robert and friends.