Running Playlist:: New Year, New Groove


For the new year I've made myself a new running playlist that I thought I would share here, and if you can't share a workout playlist in the first few weeks of January, when can you? I can't run without music, it makes an incredible difference in my ability to, well, run. Without it I focus too much on how my legs ache, or that I'm breathing way too loud and am probably creeping out the person in front of me on the footpath or that I'm moving my arms weirdly. With it though, I'm a gazelle. A cheetah, whizzing past in a blur. You might as well call me Quicksilver.

HA, I am none of those things, in fact I'm not sure if my running actually counts as running, but life is all about self-love and not putting yourself down nowadays, so I'm not going to give a damn and call it what I like! I know some people prefer a music free run but for me it really helps especially when I start to feel like I'm flagging, the right song and beat can make all the difference.

I'm not great at classifying music, I listen to what I like and don't bother about the genre, but this playlist Spotify tells me is of the indie persuasion and at times it transports me back to my teenage years- ahh nostalgia! I gave my new playlist a test run at the weekend and the upbeat nature of the tunes made all the difference in keeping me motivated to just keep going and run that little bit further.

Anyway, here it is, I hope you enjoy it! If you have any must listen running songs then please send them my way, I'm always on the lookout for new tunes!

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