A Slow January


I always find that at the start of the year I have so many plans and ideas of things I want to do and projects I want to embark on. The only problem though is that January is also the worst time for any of these things for me. The grey, gloomy and cold weather does nothing to help motivate me into action for any of these things. After all the excitement and busyness of Christmas break I find I'm still just as tired as I was in the last few weeks of work beforehand. The enthusiasm and excitement of the 'new year potential' doesn't end up lasting very long and any projects that I may have started soon run out of steam as the usual routine gets back into play. January can be a tough month to get through. Christmas is over, it's still so dark and the weather usually ends up getting colder and grimmer. Instead of feeling bummed out with my lack of action I'm taking the time to revel in a slow and quiet January, going easy on myself and taking the time to think about what I want from this year.

I've really wanted to tackle all of the stuff that we've accumulated over the years to try to get rid of the things we don't need and making sure everything has a home. But instead of throwing myself into this, using up energy I don't really have, I've been focusing on the smaller jobs that are much more achievable. I've also been spending much of my January evenings curled up on the sofa, layered in blankets with lovely hot tea, a biscuit here and there and a good book. I'm currently reading Kate Atkinson's Life After Life which has had me bawling my eyes out on a few occasions as it is pretty heartbreaking but absolutely wonderful at the same time. I've almost finished it so if anyone has any suggestions of good books to read next, I am all ears!

I know recently I've moaned about the cold and the greyness of everything so I've been trying to counteract that a little by focusing on all the good bits about winter. One of my favourite things about this time of year is the winter sunlight, especially when it's early and the fields are all covered in mist and a stillness is in the air. The frost and snow might be a right pain when it comes to having to de-ice the car first thing in the morning, and trying to unlock the gates to work, but the way it makes the world look, all frosty and sparkling in the sunshine does help a little! I'm trying to slow down and appreciate all these little things about winter, instead of wanting to rush through each season to the next.

How are you approaching your January? I'd love to know all the things you're enjoying most about this time of year!

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