Easing In :: A February Playlist


After having had a slow January I'm feeling a little more refreshed, which has also been aided by the evenings getting lighter- it's amazing the difference it makes. February is looking to be a pretty packed month with lots of things already booked in for weekends, including birthday celebrations for R, reunions with old friends and, unfortunately, some weekend work for me.

To ease into this mixed up month I've made a gentle playlist for those moments when it all seems a bit manic and to bring a little of my slower January into February. This month is also when my niece will be turning 6, which is absolutely crazy. It doesn't seem like all that long ago she was a tiny baby taking frequent naps- a girl after my own heart. I guess that's another reason for a relaxed playlist, life goes much too quickly and soon enough she'll be taller than me, which, if you've met me, will know that that's not a hard feat to achieve. Having said that, our whole family is pretty short so it will just be a waiting game to see if she gets some tall genes from the other side, otherwise she'll be a lil'un like the rest of us.

We've been making very slow progress with our room switcheroo, in fact it's pretty much come to a halt the last month. Although we have managed to get a few bits sorted, including moving around bookshelves and clearing out some bits we really don't need! R has got his PhD viva in the next few weeks so he's been focusing on that, so this playlist is also for him when he needs a little chill out for five minutes or so.

In January I dedicated more of my evenings to reading new books with some chill music in the background, fairy lights and candles. It's one of my favourite ways of spending an evening, especially at the moment when everything seems a little overwhelming at times. I read 2 and a half books last month and I'm hoping to keep that momentum going for the rest of the year too. I read Cartes Postales From Greece by Victoria Hislop, which really made me want to go get some Greek sunshine, and Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, which had me bawling my eyes out fairly frequently. At the end of January I started reading Oranges by John McPhee, it's been a really interesting read so far as it has a great narrative style. Reading another citrus based book has meant though that R has had to put up with a further amount of 'did you know...' facts about citrus fruit, most of which he already did haha!

Anyway, here it is, a nice chill playlist for February! Have you got any playlist suggestions, or must listen songs I might have missed?

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