Feeling Helpless


It's hard not to feel helpless at times like this. I've had waves of it over and over ever since June 2016, it's remained in the pit of my stomach, and hasn't gone away with the new year. In fact the current situation the world is in feels like a dizzying, sickening ride that only seems to get worse.

I've seen a number of comments stating that what's happening isn't our problem, it doesn't affect us and we shouldn't get involved. I can't get behind that. It's not how this works. We are an inter-connected world and change affects us all in one way or another; besides we shouldn't have to wait until something inconveniences us before we speak out. We are all human, no matter where we come from, what our sexuality, religion or skin colour is.

It's hard to know what to do to help and harder even to know whether any action that we take will even make a difference. There are a number of places that we can start though. We can use our voices to speak up. We can write to our parliamentary representatives, sign petitions, join marches and, above all, we can stay active by never staying silent. We can take a stand financially, we can donate to causes, take our money to businesses that stand against discrimination, and avoid those that do. Possibly one of the most important things we can do is to listen and stay vigilant. We have to listen and stay aware of what is happening, listen to those who are affected and stay alert to issues being quietly passed through.

There are so many wonderful people across the globe who are using their voices and I'm thankful to those that have informed me of issues I wasn't aware of and thankful to know that for every negative voice there are plenty standing against it.