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Happy Tuesday! I've had a good couple of weeks and managed to catch up with a number of friends, both near and far recently. Despite all the awful news we've been having in the world the last few weeks we have had some brighter spots. This, as usual, has involved a fair bit of tasty food amongst some other bits of pieces. I've been listening to my February playlist and spending my evenings either watching some Netflix or reading my fun fact filled book. The cold weather recently has left my shoulders feeling pretty achey from being tensed up as I've found it nearly impossible to stay warm, although I don't think all the furniture and heavy object moving I've been doing at work has helped! Luckily though winter is the optimal time of year for long relaxing baths in the evening after busy days at work.

  1. This weekend my parents and I took my nan out for afternoon tea which was part of her Christmas present. We went to the Abode in Canterbury and it was so lovely and such a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  2. At the start of last week I made a slow cooker lentil dhal and I'm happy to say that it went really well. I didn't have quite the right ingredients so I winged it a bit, which doesn't always work out so well for me, but it got the seal of approval from R and I, so I think that's going to be added to our food rotation!
  3. The weekend before last I met up with my friend for a coffee and a big old catch up to chat museums, family, new cars and everything in between. We managed to time it really well weather-wise too and didn't get rained on, wahey.
  4. I've managed to fit in a few runs the last couple of weeks. January was a tough month to get properly back into the routine as I didn't fancy running when it was icy out and rainy dark evenings weren't too appealing either.
  5. A few weeks ago I headed over to Sevenoaks to catch up with some old school friends and ended up going for a bit of a walk in Knole Park which is beautiful.
  6. It was my niece's 6th birthday party at the weekend and mum had made some star wars cupcakes, which looked AMAZING. Even better was that she brought a couple up for R and I to have, yay for cake!
  7. I was so incredibly tired Sunday night so I listened to the Fellowship of the Ring audiobook which I ended up falling asleep to. It was so nice and calming, until I got woken up by a really creepy Gollum scene which was a little disorientating!
  8. As I worked Saturday I had this Monday off and I spent the majority of the day working on a needle felting project I was given for Christmas. I haven't quite finished it yet, and considering it's my first time needle felting it's not too bad.
  9. R made the best baked potatoes, homemade bbq beans the last couple of weeks which has been soo good, just what you need after a long day at work!
  10. R bought me two new books the other week, Oranges which I'm reading at the moment, and The Ashes of London which I'm looking forward to getting stuck into soon!

I found a few cool things from around the web recently too. This piece on Lake Baikal helped to remind me what a beautiful and intriguing world we live in. This loft apartment in Sweden is niceeee! I also really quite liked this home tour on Ikea. I liked this read on why we need bookshops. I've fallen in love with this interiors instagram feed and the lovely yellow sofa.

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