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  It's been a funny year so far, with quite a few ups and downs in only the two months we've had. I think that last weekend was possibly the best weekend of the year so far! There were so many lovely things that happened and lots of catch ups with lots of lovely people.

R and I got out at the weekend for the best run we've had this year. We ended up going along the river and passed so many other really friendly runners that smiled and waved at us as we went past, it was so lovely and made my heart happy even if I ended up with a lobster face. Saturday evening I met up with some Museum friends for dinner in Canterbury at Cafe des Amis, and then headed for drinks at the Thomas Tallis and played an awful quiz game. It was so fun to catch up with everyone as we hadn't all seen each other since some point last year. We've all moved on to different Museums and jobs so it's really great to be able to find out what everyone's up to.

We had a lazy Sunday morning watching tv and reading in bed, before I headed into London to go to the #InspiredBy event at the Hoxton in Shoreditch. It was so much fun meeting some new people, eating super tasty food and catching up again with Anna. R then came up to London as we were meeting up with some engineer friends of ours for dinner at Dishoom. Oh my, that was the tastiest meal ever. We waited in the bar for about half an hour with drinks before our buzzer went off and we were taken to our table. R and I worked out that it's been about a year since we last ate there, as we went there for brunch for R's birthday last year which was also incredibly tasty. I think we both want to make sure that we don't wait another year before we go back.

Just before Christmas I bought a new sewing machine and finally have gotten around to trying it out, and it is sooo much better than my old one which had gotten increasingly problematic. I gave it a whirl making R's valentine card which I was pretty pleased with. As my major first project with it I bought the Ultimate Trouser pattern from Sew Over It. I also ordered some fabric for it so am just waiting for that to arrive now before I can get stuck in. I can't wait to get started on it!

We had a mini celebration the other week as R passed his PhD viva, we ended up getting takeaway and once it is all finalised we plan on heading out for a meal with friends. It's been an incredibly long journey for him and I'm so impressed by how hard he's worked for so long. Obviously this month was also Valentine's Day, and even though neither of us are particularly fussed about the day we did exchange our cards, cooked up some tasty food and watched a movie. R had also bought some chocolates for it, which of course is never a bad thing, we sat watching Mad Max Fury Road and ate half the box, so a pretty fab evening for us!

I think we've both been feeling pretty drained and exhausted, despite it still being early on in the year. Both R's and my work have been in a bit of overdrive for quite some time now so I think we're both looking forward to some brighter Spring days. I've noticed a bit of a change in the air the last week as well as the fact that lots of flowers are slowly starting to pop their heads up. I can't wait for Spring!

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