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Not to be that person who always talks about how quickly the time goes, but seriously how is it the last day of February already?! I'm not totally sad about this as it means we are that much closer to Spring and hopefully some less grey and windy days but it sometimes feels like time slips away much too quickly the older I get. I re-watched Sense and Sensibility on Netflix over the weekend and now want to live in a cottage on the Devonshire coast all over again. I also finished my book Ashes of London which was really good. I'm aiming to read 2 and a half books each month this year as I didn't make enough time for it last year. I managed to do that in January, which is where I got 2.5 from, but this month I'm a book short. Other good things recently include the fact that I think I may have persuaded R to take a break and go away for a bit. We've been trying to work something out for a while but there have been a number of things that have gotten in the way, including PhDs and changes in my work schedule. We have yet to decide on where or when but it may be another long weekend in Edinburgh spent drinking lots of coffee and looking at all the gorgeous buildings.

  1. We had such a delicious meal at The Ambrette last Friday night. R had been given a voucher for a 3 course meal for Christmas, but it turned into a 7 course meal as they bring you little dishes before each main dish. I can't express just how tasty it all was.
  2. I started working on making my Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It with Mum's help this weekend. We worked out it has been about 10 years since I last did any dressmaking so I'm not too sure how well they will turn out when I finish them up!
  3. Mum picked me up some lovely bright tulips for the house which look lovely in the window and always make me smile when I get home from work and see them there.
  4. The crocuses and irises in the garden have started to bloom and it's making me so excited for spring! I'm itching to get the rest of our little courtyard garden sorted as winter has done a bit of a number on it.
  5. R made such a delicious dinner Sunday night. It was pappardelle pasta with Italian sausages and leek in a creamy white wine sauce. It was a recipe from a cookbook my sister gave me the other year which we're planning on working our way through this year.
  6. We moved another of our bookcases this weekend which means we can get on and do some more painting of the walls, woop! I also sorted out another of our bookcases and organised everything on it so it all looks much neater now.
  7. Oh yeah, possibly one of the most exciting things that has happened recently, I had my first sale on my Etsy shop! I'm so excited, and really nervous that someone has actually bought something I've made!!
  8. We found some of our Whittards hot chocolate in the cupboard the other night and finished up the leftover Tiramisu and Banoffee flavour. Yum.
  9. I picked up a new cross-body bag from Marks and Spencer the other week as I just fell in love with it. My old bag is falling apart so it was highly justified! It's red and boxy and beautiful, I love it.
  10. Not to mention food again, BUT, we picked up some mango and coconut granola from M&S and it is the tastiest start to the day. It gives me all the happy sunny feels.

Bonus: R set up a bluetooth device in my car so now I can listen to all my Spotify playlists on the way to and from work instead of having to suffer through annoying misogynistic local radio DJs. Score!

I definitely needed this post from Sophie over at The Private Life of a Girl for 5 Everyday Habits for a Tidy Clutter-Free Home. This 5 Ways of Seeing Five Minutes of 'Real People' at the Oscars was a really interesting read. As was this: The Politics of Retelling Norse Mythology. And if you want to see some beautiful but worrying images of melting polar ice caps you should check this out. 

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