A Garden Tour


When I was little my sisters and I each had a patch of the garden at home that we could call ‘ours’ and plant whatever we wanted. My sister went for rhubarb and I ended up with sweet peas, mainly because I was quite young and those were the seeds we had in the shed.  Onions Tomatoes StrawberriesGardening has always been quite prominent in our family, especially as my parents have an allotment and would always encourage us to get involved showing us how to plant seeds and dig up the flower beds.

PeasSo last year, when Robert suggested we use our courtyard garden to grow vegetables, I thought it was great idea. We both enjoy cooking and food so growing veg seemed like the next step. I wasn’t always the best at keeping my indoor potted plants alive so I was hoping to do better with a veg patch. Last year we ended up growing strawberries, tomatoes, courgettes, French beans, and carrots, as well as a few other bits and pieces. It went really well (apart from having a disease attack our tomato plants meaning the tomatoes ended up in chutney rather than salads) so we decided to do it again this year. For Robert’s birthday he was given some seeds which we planted up, although we were a little late doing so as Robert has been busy most weekends and evenings working on his PhD (he’s in his final year so the big push has begun!). This year we have tried to use as much of the courtyard space as possible and utilize every inch by putting up shelving and using more tubs. We’ve ended up growing:

onions, potatoes, radishes, spring onions, garlic, mange tout, strawberries, climbing beans, peas, tomatoes, courgettes, squash, mixed salad leaves, and carrots…pretty sure that’s it!

Garden Courgettes GardenWe also have a tub of various herbs growing right outside the kitchen door which makes it rather handy for throwing in some rosemary with a roast chicken. We’ve been benefitting from the salad, strawberries and mange tout for a while now and last night I pulled the first of our carrots, which I got ridiculously excited about. I don’t think I can quite describe the satisfaction you get growing something from scratch and being able to eat it a minute after it’s been picked. I think Robert is most looking forward to getting to have the onions and potatoes and cooking up something delicious with them! It’s been a great way to de-stress, especially alongside colouring, and I am generally outside most evenings pottering around checking up on everything (I’m so middle-aged). It’s been quite a learning curve, as I was never really sure what depth to plant certain bulbs, and I was slightly over generous with the salad seeds meaning they got a little overcrowded at the start. It’s also meant I’ve started waging a war on slugs and snails (did I mention how middle-aged I am?) which I think they’re winning as they demolished a whole courgette plant a day after I planted it.

Silver ThymeI finally got around to taking some photographs of the garden and thought I would share them here. Because the space is quite small it did prove a little tricky getting good angles and showing the garden in its glorious state. I also chose completely the wrong time to take photographs as it was blazing sunshine that made a lot of the colours rather saturated and crazy looking! I’ve chosen a selection of the best ones, and I especially like how the silver thyme photographed as it just looks so pretty!