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Happy March guys! I'm so excited for Spring to be just around the corner now and the prospect of it still being light when I get home from work. I've got a new playlist for a new month and it's definitely one of my favourites I think. I forgot how much I loved Led Zeppelin until I listened to them again this year so a few of their songs have been thrown in. When I was a teenager I had one of their posters in my room, and my dad and I would listen to the tape (remember those?) in the car when he drove me to ballet lessons. We would turn the volume up loud and I would inevitably do the re-winding game to overplay a song. I've so appreciated my new bluetooth setup in my car this week, it has made such a difference to my daily commute. Now, instead of listening to the same current pop song over and over and over, I can now overplay my own playlists instead. I love it! I have work this Saturday but I'm looking forward to a fun Sunday as R and I have plans to go out for coffee and to go book shopping- my favourite kind of shopping. If you have any book recommendations, fiction or non-fiction, I would love to hear them!

We have our old housemate Steve coming over from LA in a few days for a visit which we're both looking forward to. R caught up with him last year when he went out to California for work but I haven't seen him since he left us 18 months or so ago. I think there will be lots for us all to catch up on, and plenty to commiserate over. It's cool though, I have a bottle of mulberry gin that we haven't cracked open yet so I'm sure we'll find an opportunity to give that a try! It does mean though that we have to make sure our house is guest ready as we're still so slow at clearing and sorting all of our stuff. It doesn't help that both of us work fairly regular weekends so we never get a chance to get stuck into sorting things for long.

I finished watching Westworld recently and I think I enjoyed it? I'm sure I must have missed a number of things about it so I might give it another watch in a few months time, if I can be bothered, otherwise I'll just wait for season 2. R and I also started watching the documentary series Abstract on Netflix, but we pretty much ended up talking through the whole of the one episode we've watched so far. I'm hoping to finish up my trousers this weekend too. It was also R's birthday this week and he got some curry related items for it so I think we're planning on cooking up some tasty food at the weekend, yay!

Anyway here's my playlist for March, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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