Anticipating Spring


It's really not long now until spring is in full swing and there are so many things to look forward to with the change of seasons. This year it has felt like winter has been clinging on for so much longer than previous years. I don't know if that is actually the case or whether it's because there has been a constant barrage of bad news creating such a bleak atmosphere. Regardless of that, I am more than happy for the new season and have been on the lookout for all of it's signs.With a changing season I always have that anticipation of all the potential possibilities that can come along with it. As well as the introduction of spring I'm looking forward to getting a few of my plans into motion this year and to see what else 2017 might throw at us. It might be wishful thinking but I'm really hoping for some good news of the international level over the next few months too, fingers crossed! R got a pepper growing kit for his birthday the other week so I think we're both really looking forward to getting that going and to see if we are finally successful with peppers! We tried to grow them in the garden a couple of years ago but unfortunately we didn't have much luck with them as they either got eaten before they were ripe or they got blighted which was a shame. Fingers crossed for this time though!

So here are the things I am most looking forward to with Spring:

  • Lighter and longer evenings. I can't wait for it to still be nice and bright when I get home from work, especially as it will give me even more opportunities for trying to improve my photography skills.
  • All the daffodils and springtime flowers, lots have already started blooming yay!
  • Easter bank holiday weekend and chocolate eggs, a four day weekend is the greatest thing ever and who doesn't enjoy a chocolate egg?
  • The chance to get our courtyard garden sorted and tidied up. It's taken quite a battering over the last few months with all the stormy weather, but hopefully we'll soon manage to get it back looking a bit neater.
  • The trees all bursting into bloom and all the green leaves back on their branches.
  • Ever so slightly warmer temperatures, I am really really looking forward to this one as this grey windy weather has been dragging on for much too long now.
  • All the birds and birdsong, and baby lambs, ducklings and all the other adorable animals.
  • Trips to the beach when it's still brisk and chilly but bright, clear and the perfect opportunity to warm up with chips on the beach.
  • Springtime walks to appreciate everything that the new season brings, muddy wellies and a thermos flask of tea or hot chocolate!

Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to in spring? Fingers crossed for some less rainy grey days this week!

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