Living with Uncertainty


Do you ever have those times where you start daydreaming about the future and all the possibilities it has? It can be pretty exciting thinking up all the ideas of where your life can go and what you might be doing in five or ten years time. I sometimes wonder how I will fit in all the things I want to do and achieve!

There have been some changes happening recently with R pretty much, almost, ever so close to being finished with his PhD which has led to lots of thinking about our future. Now that this big change has happened it's thrown up a lot of questions for us, some serious and some a bit more fun! There have been questions about where we want to live, when a good time to adopt cats would be and when a good time to plan holidays are. I guess it's one of our first big 'grown-up' adult decisions we have had to talk about together, as each choice will require some kind of compromise and up until this point we hadn't had any big "life-altering" moment as this could end up to be.

It's both a pretty exciting but also slightly scary time as we're not even really sure what the end of the year looks like or where we might be. It's exciting as all changes can be, bringing with it the anticipation of possibilities and adventures, but I also find the unknown to be pretty unnerving as I have a tendency to be a bit of a planner. My job also requires me to schedule events and plan things months and months in advance so I often find that my year can be fairly structured which I don't think has helped with my need to plan things!

Luckily though we are both fairly upbeat, positive people so this uncertain time hasn't been too stressful, and R is wonderful at taking everything in his stride- it's hard to knock him off his metaphorical balance! I think on the whole we are both leaning on the more excited side of things and are looking forward to what change might bring! I think it's just a case of taking each step as it comes and not fretting too much when things don't go quite to plan, as I'm sure this won't be the only point in our lives where the future is a little uncertain.

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