Weekend Moments


This weekend was such a lovely one, with nice weather, good friends and tasty food. I'm trying to remember to take my camera around with me more often so I can get more practice in and hopefully improve my photography skills. I thought I would share here a few of the little things and moments that really made the last few days so lovely and it means I get to relive them again! 

  1. The light on Saturday afternoon was so beautiful that I couldn't help but take so many photos of the flowers in the window. I'm pretty pleased with how they all came out too.
  2. One lunchtime at work I popped out and picked up a potted hydrangea and bunch of ranunculus from the nearby florist for a fiver. I'm really tempted to go back and get a couple more hydrangeas too as I want to plant them up in the garden so fingers crossed they still have them. I loved the creamy green colour of these ones too!
  3. On Saturday Steve, R and I went on a hunt in town for some challah bread, which unfortunately was unsuccessful. But we picked up a brioche loaf instead so R and I made french toast with it on Sunday morning.
  4. The three of us also went out Sunday morning for coffee by the river. It was nice to have a slow catch up and it was the best thing to round off the french toast, even if our mochas were a little too chocolatey.
  5. We also headed to the market on Sunday and picked up some colourful carrots for our dinner which we roasted up with peppers and chicken.
  6. I spent the rest of my Sunday playing around drawing with my tablet R bought me for my birthday last year. I think I'm working out that my preferred style is very loose!

Some other highlights:

-R calling me after work to go get chai lattes from a cafe in town after Steve passed his PhD viva. It was also lovely that it was still so light that evening too, the spring weather makes such a difference! -Enjoying an hour at home alone in the evening with my book and music playing before Steve and R arrived home. -I started working on clearing up the garden a bit on Saturday and R helped tidy it up which made it look so much better. -lazy naps on the sofa in the sunshine.

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