Feeling Thankful


I think I start a lot of posts by exclaiming how fast the months/weeks/year is going, but this past week has gone by in such a flash. I feel as though I blinked on Monday and found myself on Friday, what happened?! I don't know if it's the change in weather and all the excitement and happy feels that goes along with it, or whether it's just been one of those head-scratch weeks where things don't seem busy but in retrospect they were jam packed.I've been feeling a little more positive lately, I think it might be because I've had to detach myself a little from the news recently. I was finding things all a little much where everything was being swallowed by a bleak black hole, one political shamble after another. To counteract this I've taken to consuming my news at the start of the day from specific sites- The New Yorker, The Guardian etc. and then getting on with my work day and rounding it up in the evening by thinking of the 3 good things that have happened each day. I'm not trying to ignore what's going on, but reading all of the comments on articles and plunging into the depths of it on social media was doing nothing to help stress levels or positive vibes. So instead I've been taking Anna's advice on staying active which has really helped. There are so many positive things happening in the world that we need to remember and celebrate too, and it's heartening to see that the political right-wing isn't winning over everyone and every country. On a personal level there have been so many things to be thankful for over the last few weeks and months too, from setting the world to rights with colleagues and friends to little wins at work and home. I am always so thankful to have R in my life, not only is he always a help when things get a little rough but he's always there to cook me up a tasty dinner when I get home from work. I think we make a pretty good team! Although my work week might not quite be over I'm feeling pretty content with how this week has gone, so here's to a lovely weekend for all and a continuation of this beautiful spring weather!

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