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I know most of my posts recently have had lots of flower photos in them, but I just can't help it! They are just too pretty and the way the light shines on them in the late afternoon in the window, well there's just something so dreamy and calming to it. This week we have white roses and stocks, which have filled the house with their perfume. Their presence in the house has also helped add some spring cheer despite the official first day of the season yesterday being a rather grey and blustery one! We said goodbye to Steve earlier this week as he was heading back home to California, but we're hoping we'll get another catch up with him later in the year. Fingers crossed! My parents were up for a visit this weekend as they were doing a workshop in Kent, we ended up watching the first episode of The Last Kingdom on iPlayer, although I think we all got a little lost at times as we couldn't remember who everyone was! Here are some other lovely things that have been happening recently:

  1. R and I went into Canterbury on Sunday afternoon to run a few errands. We also picked up some fresh flowers and some takeaway mochas (and a sneaky flapjack) and enjoyed the brief moment of sunshine we had.
  2. We had a lovely time the other week while Steve was with us. We went for a delicious Italian meal, rounded off with a shot of limoncello- the first time I've drunk it in years. On Steve's last night here we also went out for Mexican food and had frozen margaritas which we followed up by watching 22 Jump Street.
  3. Mum helped me plant up my hydrangea plants and sort out some more of the garden at the weekend. It now looks so much better!
  4. Fresh, brand new bedsheets. I ordered some white, washed cotton bed covers from H&M and put them on the bed when R was away in Birmingham for work. There's something so blissful about going to sleep in a freshly made bed.
  5. I finished reading The Distracted Preacher by Thomas Hardy and picked up some new book purchases which I'm excited to get cracking on.
  6. We watched Zodiac at Ed's on Friday night and finally cracked out our mulberry gin we bought at the end of last year. The movie was good too, although had no idea it was such a long one, and Rachel and I got a little freaked out at one point.
  7. I finally made it back to the gym. I much prefer working out at home or outside, but more often than not I need the motivational push of the gym to get going.
  8. I started working on some new bits to put up on Etsy. It was fun getting absorbed in something new. I also had a good review left for the sale I made!
  9. I went to The Body Shop the other day and picked up a new lip stain. It took a while for me to decide which colour to go for, and I think I actually ended up picking up something that's already similar in colour to another one I have, but never mind!
  10. R cooked up the delicious parpadelle sausage dish at the weekend that he first made a number of weeks ago. It is the most delicious meal and one I would be more than happy if I had it at a restaurant. It's so easy to make too! We followed it with an amaretto semifreddo desert which was the perfect thing.

Here are some bits I've been enjoying from around the internet recently:

I enjoyed this post over at Bianca Bass about how to get motivated and out of a rut. I liked some of these ideas of how to use floating glass frames. The pictures in this is giving me all the wanderlust feels for a return trip to Florence. I'm looking at incorporating some more of these tips for being happier at home. This ink painting by Qian Songyan is beautiful and makes me so happy for spring.

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