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Do you ever find yourself meaning to do something, then get sucked into doing nothing in particular, then realise half an hour is gone and you still haven't got around to doing the thing you meant to do? I have that every so often. I mean to read more, but then feel too tired to concentrate so end up scrolling through the internet, which is ridiculous as the internet involves reading too!  To counteract this I've been trying to be more meaningful with my time this year and how I use it. Instead of whiling away my evenings doing nothing of note I've been making sure to put more time aside for reading. At the start of the year I planned on reading two and a half books a month, which I managed in January but didn't in February. I think this month I'm on track to accomplish that though which I'm pretty pleased about! When I was younger I read so much but adult life has rather got in the way of things, so I'm trying to rectify that a little more by making sure I read for at least half an hour before bed most evenings.

I'm trying to keep up with some other creative pursuits too, like drawing, making new hoops for my etsy shop or planning other things I can add to it. I really enjoy having those moments to create new things and it does wonders for my stress levels too which is never a bad thing!

Other ways I'm trying to use my time better is by fitting in more yoga sessions. Despite the fact that I always feel so much better after I have done yoga, or any form of exercise, I get lazy or make excuses for not doing it. Last year I managed to get into some really good exercise habits with going to the gym, running and fitting in home yoga sessions. I ran out of steam with it though at the end of the year with the change in weather and light, and unfortunately so far this year I haven't managed to pick it up to the same extent again. Of course it's always harder during the winter months as it's a bit too dark and cold out for running and getting home in the dark doesn't help much with the motivation to go to the gym. I'm hoping that that's all changing now though as this week I managed a proper gym session and three yoga videos at home. I've started Yoga with Adrienne's Revolution playlist and am loving it so far!

I always want to fit in more baking too, but the problem with that is I end up eating it all! Normally I would take it into the office to give away any extra cake, but we are such a tiny team that it wouldn't help much and I would still end up eating half of it! R and I have also decided to make Thursday night our movie night to make sure we get some quality time together as it can be so easy to get caught up with work or other odd jobs. We started yesterday with Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, my personal favourite of the trilogy!

Is there anything you've been making time to do?

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