My Week in...Numbers

25..... Cups of green tea consumed. I think I'm averaging about 5 cups a day at the moment, they help to keep my hands warm now that the weather has turned chilly again!

20..... Book chapters read. I started reading The Muse by Jessie Burton this week and am hoping to get it finished by Saturday so that my sister can then borrow it. 

10..... Episodes of Girls watched. I caught up with the final series and I have mixed feelings. 

5..... Conversations about politics had both at work and at home. 

1..... Baby cuddled. My colleague who's on maternity leave popped by for a lunchtime visit so I got all the baby cuddles, she's so sweet with those little baby cheeks!

10..... Strawberry laces eaten. R picked some up on his way home from London and they're just so tasty and way too easy to eat.

15..... Times I've listened to Piano Man on my drive to and from work. Spotify added it to one of my daily playlists and it's reminded me how awesome that song is. Naturally the volume gets turned way up.

95 (approx)..... Times I've complained about how cold it is. Why so chilly world, things were going so well!?

1..... Much needed after work catch up with a friend over tea and biscuits. The best kind of catch up I think.

3..... Sightings of our neighbours cat peeking out through their window. It's always so funny seeing her little face framed in one of the panes of glass, and then all of a sudden she's gone again!

0..... Progress made on making my next pair of trousers. BUT I did book myself onto a workshop to learn to sew with jersey fabric. It's not happening for quite a while but I'm really looking forward to it!




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