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Tuesday was one of those really lovely days where the sun was shining, the sky was blue and I didn't have to spend any of the day in the office. I met up with my manager and one of our Museum volunteers in Whitstable to go and visit a local creative maker in her studio, which was pretty awesome! Is there anything quite like a day out of the office at the seaside? After our meeting we ended up in Samphire for lunch where I had a very tasty avocado toast with poached egg and fermented chilli. I would definitely recommend a visit there as the food was delicious and the staff were super friendly. It's been on mine and R's list for a while to try but as yet we haven't gotten there for dinner, but now I've tried it it's definitely become a priority! I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon working from home which is a novelty I still haven't gotten over. I know the grass is always greener, but it was so nice not to have to go to the office and it meant I had the company of our neighbourhood cats who came to sit on our shed roof through the afternoon. Always a bonus in my opinion!

Because it had been such a beautiful morning in Whitstable I thought it would be a shame to waste such a sunny day on having dinner at home so suggested to R that we head back over to Whitstable together for a fish and chip dinner. Luckily it didn't take much persuading, so at the end of the work day I picked him up and drove us both over to the coast. My commute is very solitary so it's always nice when I get to have a passenger, especially when the passenger is my favourite person, and we spent the drive filling each other in on what our days had looked like and all the news. We strolled around the high street and decided on one of the chip shops on one of the side roads and took our warm bundles to a bench on the beach. In typical British fashion as soon as we sat down the sun disappeared, clouds rolled in and the wind started getting a little blustery. We spent our time eating whilst trying to make sure the ketchup packets and chip paper didn't get blown away as they became emptier with each mouthful. It ended up getting quite chilly so we finished up and went for a walk along the beach.

There's always something so magical about the seaside in the late afternoon and evening. The sea was really quite still considering how windy it had gotten, and despite there still being a fair number of people about the atmosphere was calm. It was almost as if the town itself was letting out a slow relaxing breath. It was a welcome distraction from the inevitable impending news that Wednesday brought and it was fun to be spontaneous and not let the moments slip away.

On our way back to the car we kept pointing out to one another all of the fun things in the shop windows. I ended up taking a picture of those dungarees and striped top as I completely fell in love with the pairing in the window. I didn't dare look at the price tag though but I think I might have to venture back soon to see if it's still there, we all deserve a treat every now and then right?!

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