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Happy April! It's so good to see Spring in full swing now, and some days recently it's been warm enough to go out without a coat or jacket which is awesome! Last month though was not a good month for movies, as almost every film we had for movie nights proved to be terrible, fingers crossed for better luck this month. There are quite a few things to look forward to in April including seeing the Red Shoes in ballet form and of course Easter weekend- bring on the chocolate and four days off work! Now that it's a new month it means that it's time for a new monthly playlist too which is always fun to compile. 

I managed to fulfil my book quota of 2.5 books a month in March, although I actually read pretty much 3 as I only left a couple of chapters of one book that leaked over into April. I'm not sure which was my favourite of the month but Julian Barnes' The Noise of Time about Shostakovich and the conflict between the USSR and his own conscience was a really good read. It also really quite resonated with me in relation to the political climate at the moment. It wasn't a particularly uplifting book but one I would definitely recommend. I also read Thomas Hardy's The Distracted Preacher and S.J.Parris' Conspiracy, both of which proved to be fun escapist reading.

At the end of February I downloaded an app which lets you compile clips you've filmed on each day. I tried to do it throughout March, but didn't quite manage to film something every day as how many cups of tea can you really film? I'm pleased with how it came out and it's funny hearing snippets of conversation taken a little out of context, I think my favourite is hearing Steve say 'cake in your mouth' which is from our meal at Pinnochios and the delicious chocolate almond cake with chocolate rum sauce 😍 Doing this little project has made me interested in trying a bit more filming-maybe some more on my camera and then editing it myself- and maybe trying out some different things too. I'm also going to do a 1 Second Everyday in April too, and hopefully I will actually remember to do it everyday this time!

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March included: R reviewing his PhD, chai lattes in the Chocolate cafe after Steve passed his PhD viva, movie nights at Ed's, French toast breakfasts, R brought the 3D printer home from work, frozen margaritas were consumed, I cracked out my nice weather shoes, Burgate coffee trips, sunshine in Canterbury, recipe finding, cake, sewing days, Ed's LOTR map, fish and chips on the beach and a trip to Curzon to see Life. Terrible movie by the way filled with lots of stupid decisions *facepalm*.

So, anyway, here's my playlist for March, I hope you enjoy it! How was your March, have you got any plans for April?

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