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Last year I really got back into craft projects with the help of my sewing machine which re-ignited some creative juices.  Unfortunately my very old sewing machine was not up to the task of everything I wanted to do so I ended up getting a new one for Christmas last year, partly as a present from my parents and partly as a present for myself, helped along with a good sale and discount at my local sewing shop.  At school I had studied textiles and done quite a bit of sewing and dressmaking but I hadn't really done much for a number of years, but I was itching to get started on some new projects. I knew I wanted to try dressmaking again, but I wasn't really sure where to start or what in particular I wanted to make. Finally, though, in February I found out about Sew Over It and fell in love with all of their lovely fabrics on their website and ended up purchasing the Ultimate Trousers PDF pattern. I'd never used a PDF pattern before but I thought it sounded pretty great as it was cheaper than the hard-copy pattern, it meant I got it instantly and didn't have to wait around until I could get started and it meant I could print it out as many times as I liked. I also purchased some lightweight, anchor printed denim from their website too.

In hindsight I don't think I would necessarily buy a PDF pattern again, it turned out to be a lot of faff to piece all of the printed paper parts together and took quite a bit of time to do. the other problem was that although it had printed out correctly and the printer alignment was right, after a while the lines started mis-matching ever so slightly which was rather annoying. Also because it was printed on normal printer paper it meant they had to be pieced together up against a window so I could match things up correctly, this also made it tricky when it came to cutting out the fabric. In the future I would definitely purchase the proper pattern instead of a PDF and save myself the faffing. the good thing is that I now already have my pattern all pieced together and cut out which has greatly sped up the process for the second pair I've started to make!

The instructions for the trousers were a little bare, but because it's been so long since I last used a pattern I can't really remember if that's the case for all dressmaking instructions or not. With the help of google and Skype sessions with my mum though I managed to get everything figured out. The only problematic points were trying to get the fit right, turn-up and the invisible zip. Luckily though I had the help of my mum when she visited to pin the fitting on the legs- it's rather tricky to do that at the same time as wearing them! R was also called upon to help with the turn-up too, again very tricky to gauge the correct hem length when you're wearing them! The invisible zip was a problem as I didn't have the correct foot for my sewing machine, I could have waited to borrow one from my mum, but I was rather impatient to get on and get them finished so I made do with free-handing it! As you can see it did mean the zip isn't invisible, but I'm not massively bothered about that!

I'm pretty pleased with the final result, even if the fit isn't quite right in a few places and even if they do look slightly like pyjamas! I've already started making my second pair, this time in a fun stretch cotton which is much more suitable for the pattern and wear that trousers get, and I'm hoping I'll be able to improve on the issues I've learnt from making this pair.

Have you come across Sew Over It before? Are there any other patterns you'd recommend?

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