Happy List :: Twenty-Three


This weekend should have been spent outside enjoying the sunshine, unfortunately I came down with a really rubbish, flu-ey, head cold which meant I spent much of the weekend wiped out in bed trying to catch up on sleep. I did end up watching quite a lot of videos of slime, don't ask me why, it's so weird but slightly mesmerising.Aside from being ill the last few weeks have been pretty fun and these things are always made better when the weather is as beautiful as it was this weekend! I may have stayed in bed for most of it, but I made sure the curtains and window were wide open so I could appreciate every last ray. So here are the things that have been making me happy recently:

  1. R bought me a new, bright, striped shirt at the weekend which is perfect for Spring.
  2. I watched all of Big Little Lies which was so good, and I'm already planning to re-watch it to see if I can pick up on any hints I've missed. I'm also slightly obsessed with the theme song as it's just so good, so I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify fairly frequently.
  3. Last Friday I left work an hour early so R and I went and got fish and chips for dinner which was the best way to round off the work week!
  4. I've almost finished reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Half of a Yellow Sun which I've hardly been able to put down, it's so good. Now I need to start thinking about what I want to read after this!
  5. Thursday has become our official date night and last week we headed over to the Curzon in Canterbury to see Free Fire. It was better than the last film we saw there, and it had quite a funny dialogue but it did seem more like just one long scene. We had fun though!
  6. Last Tuesday I had another outreach talk for work in the evening and I got some really good feedback including one person who said I was a very enthusiastic and engaging speaker! Feedback like that means so much as not that long ago I used to dread public speaking and would get so nervous.
  7. I did manage to get out at the weekend for a little walk and fresh air for our weekend coffee stroll, and then I ended up napping for the rest of the afternoon.
  8. I started working on my second pair of Ultimate Trousers on Monday and I'm so happy with the fabric as it's so much easier than the first set. Unfortunately I didn't get any further with them this last weekend but I'm hoping to get them finished over Easter!
  9. Cottage pie was eaten for dinner on Saturday night which definitely helped make me feel better. It even had a little bit of cheese melted on top, so good. It was then finished up with chocolate hazelnut gelato, just what you need for a sore tickly throat.
  10. New weekly episodes of The Last Kingdom are one of my favourite things. I always end up running around the house for the rest of the week telling R that I am Uhtred son of Uhtred. Fun times.

I am in love with this tiny house, I want to live there please, plus their cat- too cute! Charlotte's Kickstarter for a His Dark Materials enamel pin is still going and you should definitely support it! These photos about quiet lives in the Faroe Islands are so beautiful. I loved Anna's tips on how to raise your photography game. I really liked Hanh's post on transitioning from full-time to freelance.

What have you been enjoying lately?


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